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Mulytic Labs GmbH, a member of NashCorp Holdings, is a data and software solution company with HQ in Munich, SBU in New York and operations and development hub in Dhaka. We are a team of software developers, product managers, designers and data scientists who are passionate about building innovative products, software and solutions for our b2b and b2c clients and their customers. We practice iterative methodology (lean startup, lean enterprise), agile project management, and excel at large-scale orchestrated delivery and quality with the help of state-of-the-art technology stacks. With our squads we serve customers in Mobility (Daimler, Renault, Audi), Logistics (Hermes, DHL), and Energy (Mercedes Benz Energy) industries, and their spin-offs.

Mulytic is based on a culture of security and data privacy at its core. We simplify security with built-in controls and detect threats early with unique intelligence. We deploy and enforce effective security policies against attacks against user credentials, including brute force, sniffing, host-based access and theft of password databases, thus remain very strong attack vectors warranting the use of effective security management controls using industry best practices, e.g. Least Privilege User Access (LUA), harden client devices by deploying multilayered firewall protections, conduct regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans of your infrastructure in order to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and thwart potential attack vectors, continuously monitor in real-time the security of your organization’s infrastructure and develop, test and continually refine a data breach response plan. Mulytic is a strict advocate of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), also providing consultation and guidance to other business on data privacy regulation to ensure transparency on user sensitive data.

We deliver actionable insights – you take respective business decisions to move your company forward. Our data science services will help you stay well ahead of the competition, take the guesswork out of your consumer-driven decisions, drive your revenues growth and improve the overall operations efficiency.Our dedicated data science specialists have extensive experience with the next technologies.