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Sen Stuth is a well-known figure in Europe, having served several positions in European Union, after which becoming managing partner for Pflüger and Stuth Internationaleberatung GmbH, then going on to serve in Hamburg Senate. Stuth is currently managing partner of “HanBao Internationaleberatung GmbH” and lecturer at the Brand University of Applied Sciences. He has extensive experience in hydrogen energy creation and power consumption

What are the complexities of modern power generation?
What is green hydrogen?
What is needed for a hydrogen industry?
Where is hydrogen technology going?
What industries are best suited to hydrogen?
How is hydrogen transported?
What is governments role in supporting hydrogen?
What scale of production makes hydrogen viable?
What are the costs to produce and price to sell hydrogen?
What are the advantages of getting into hydrogen early?
Full length video (~37 min)

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