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Leadership Team

Dr. Rubaiyat Sadat

Dr Sadat brings over 20 years of leadership experience to Mulytic. Hailing from Bangladesh and now living in Munich, Germany, Dr Sadat epitomizes success. After serving as executive at Volkswagen, Special Advisor to EU, Dr Sadat helps diverse customers with cutting edge solutions and new ideas.

David Johnson

Mr. Johnson brings over 20 years of technology leadership designing clouds, creating new solutions and leading teams. He combines his passion for finding technology solutions with solving business problems through creativity, empowerment and focus, bringing a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Rahat Ahmed

Mr. Ahmed’s wide ranging experience, from Dimension Data to Leidos, has given him operational and strategic insight for government, private sector and innovation. From Bangladesh to US home, he calls the world his home, and his passion is bringing green energy to Bangladesh.

Board of Directors

Julian Foltyn

Paromita Sastri

Erdem Kaplan

Sudip Parveen

Marcus Pieper

Helene Reinhardt